Frequently asked questions

I am a senior golfer and I am wondering if it is too late for me to learn from the BTS System ?

No it is not too late at all, at BTS we see a lot of senior golfers and the lessons in the BTS System are directed to help the senior golfer who may have lost some mobility or flexibility and perhaps injuries or other ailments.

If I buy the BTS Training Mat and some of the BTS Lessons to go with it, can someone guide me in the right direction ?

Yes absolutely, if you are working with a certified BTS Instructor, that instructor will guide you along the process. If you do not have access to a certified instructor, you always have access to the online support at BTS Golf whereby a certified instructor will help you with any questions you may have.

What happens if my BTS Training Mat gets wet?

The BTS Training Mat will take a while to dry fully so keeping it dry is recommended, however if it does get wet, nothing will happen to it, just hang it to dry if possible.

How easy is it for me to see if I am doing my exercises properly ?

Once you get on the BTS Training Mat, it is very easy to see yourself "over the numbers" and recognize whether you are doing it right or not. Developing that sense of space around your body will help a great deal in recognizing your best swing positions and movements. If you practice at home, you can always use a mirror.

How many BTS lessons will I need to see some improvement ?

Once you start working with the BTS Training Mat and the video lessons you will get instant feedback and results right away. The videos have been designed to address every part of the swing and to teach you the KEYS to getting results fast. It is best to do more short sessions than to do long sessions of the program.

Does the BTS system work for beginners ?

Yes absolutely it does, the BTS system is simple and fun to use, The drills in the system address KEY POINTS for golfers of every level. More advanced golfers will simply go through parts of the program faster than will a beginner.