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An important message for serious golfers who are looking for MAJOR

improvements in distance, accuracy, and consistency.

“Golf Teacher And Former Long Drive Champion Finally Solves The Enigma That Is The Golf Swing.”



What You Are About To Discover Will Forever Change The Way You Play Golf.


On This Page, The Teacher Reveals The “Secret Research” That’s Got Golfers and PGA Members So Excited. This Revolutionary System is Helping Hundreds of Golfers Gain Machine-Like Consistency Plus Epic Distance ...

You Have Not Heard About This Method Anywhere Else


Here’s What You Can Expect ...



Gain 15-35 yards off the tee


The best ball-striking of your life ... crisp irons, wedges, plus

powerful woods and hybrids


Hit your approach shots closer to the flag


Make super-solid contact with every club in your bag


Finally fix the swing problems that have been holding you back from

playing your best golf


A proven plan for consistency, lower scores, and more fun on the

golf course


No technical mumbo-jumb





From the Desk of Michel Dagenais

Long Drive Champion, Touring Professional, and Professional Teacher with the Professional Golfers Association of Canada.


Dear Fellow Golfer...


Are you finding it pretty much impossible to improve?


Do you have a million swing thoughts running through your head every time you pick up a club?


Are you hitting one great shot followed by a few “look away awful” shots?


Do you want a more consistent game where you fulfill your potential?


Are you ready ... quite simply ... to have more fun playing the great game of golf?


If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then pay extremely close attention to what I’m about to reveal.




I’m Going to Reveal the REAL REASON You’re Not Improving ... And What You Can Do About It ...


Before I “reveal all” let me introduce myself. My name is Michel Dagenais and I’m a professional golf teacher and a long-time member of the PGA of Canada. I have also played professional tournament and championship golf, routinely shooting in the 60s. I’m also a long-drive champion and regularly hit drives over 350 yards when I was competing. I’ve spent well over 10,000 hours studying the

golf swing and teaching all types of golfer ... from top professionals to the recreational “weekend” golfers.


And here’s one thing I’ve discovered.


There has been something missing in golf teaching.


Now ... don’t get me wrong ... there are great teachers out there. And if you’ve been taking lessons, then I’m confident your teacher has a sound technical and teaching background.


But ...


There’s Something Missing ... And It’s Impacting Your Game


In my experience, most golf teachers base their teaching on a “one swing fits all” approach.


Let me explain.


Most golf instructors tend to teach either the way they swing the golf club

themselves ... or the way they “think” golfers should swing. Most golf teachers do

not match the teaching methodology to the student’s body type.

Yes ... you can follow the methods of one teacher but ... and here’s the

crucial part ...



Look ... I’m certain your golf instructor understands the golf swing ... but they

HAVE to adapt their teaching to your body type if YOU are going to succeed.

Finally ... there’s an easy way to make this happen.

I’ll explain how this works in a minute.

But first ...

Let Me Illustrate Certain Body Shapes So You Get a Sense of What I Mean

... Your Body Type Determines How You Should Swing the Club for

Maximum Consistency and Power ...

Note: I found the image below on a website. It’s for position only.

Body Type A Body Type B

If we look at the 2 body types above ...

Body Type A vs. Body Type B

We can see significant differences in physical characteristics in both of these

Body types. Body Type A is “stocky” and more muscular. Body Type B is

thinner and leaner.

When I teach, I adjust my teaching to the body type. I teach Body Type A

and Body Type B very differently.

There are three “basic” body types.

Ectomorph: Lean and long.

Endomorph: Big, stocky, and often pear-shaped.

Mesomorph: Muscular and well-built.

However, since not everyone is a pure form of one of these basic categories

I had to identify all possible body type combinations to make sure everyone is


Want to Gain Consistency and Power? Take a Look at This ...

Tour players have similarities in their swings but ... if you pay close attention,

you can also see some differences based on body shape and body type.

I wanted to discover more about the relationship between golf swing and

body type. So I conducted a study.

• In the study, I measured the swings of 112 amateur golfers and 52 pros

using a swing quantification program that gave me measurable results.

• The results were eye opening and revealed something I had never heard

instructors talk about before.

• It became apparent that the swing patterns ... and swing challenges ...

were directly related to the golfer’s body type.

Then I went one step further. I teamed up with a team of kinesiologists and

tested the 112 amateur golfers for strength, flexibility, and range of motion.

The results of those tests explained why different body types have different

challenges in the swing.

Then I created a teaching system based on the findings in my research.

This is what led me to create the BTS MATCHING SYSTEM.

The results also proved the following ...

When you match the swing to the body type ... golfers will gain

consistency, accuracy, and power.

What I Discovered from Moe Norman ... One of the Greatest Ball Strikers of

All Time ... And What this Means for You ...

I’m sure you’ve heard of Moe Norman. He was a short, stocky guy with a

very “different” swing ... a swing Moe felt was unique to him. Moe Norman was

one of the greatest ball strikers of all time. In fact, Tiger Woods said, “only two

golfers have owned their swings ... Ben Hogan and Moe Norman.”

Moe was a quiet and shy man who rarely opened up to anyone.

I was one of the very few people he let into his world. And I spent hundreds

of hours practicing and playing with Moe while learning from him.

In fact, it was Moe Norman who planted the seed in my head about “different

swings for different body types.”

Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods Prove My Theory

Let’s look at two other amazing ball strikers ... Tiger Woods and Jack

Nicklaus ... and compare and contrast to Moe Norman.

Three very different body types.

And three very different ... but efficient swings.

Imagine what might have happened if a teacher had taught Tiger Woods to

swing like Moe Norman. That would have been a disaster.

What would have happened if Jack Grout had taught Jack Nicklaus to swing

like another golfer with a different body type?

So ... the moral of the story ...

Build Your Swing Around Your Body Type ... And Play the Best Golf of

Your Life ...

Several years ago, after seeing the results of my study, I changed my

teaching and it was instantly successful. Here’s how it went ...

1. When teaching a new student, I evaluated their body type.

2. I taught the student how to swing based on the teaching that works best

for their body type.

Very quickly, I realized I had found something HUGELY IMPORTANT ... and

here’s what happened.

• Terminal slicers started to hit powerful drives right down the middle of the

fairway ... gaining distance instantly.

• Weak strikers of the ball started to hit solid shots time after time.

• Hookers and pullers reclaimed their natural ball flight ... a slight “baby”


• People who were ready to give up golf out of sheer frustration started to

get their love for the game back.

• Poor chippers and pitchers improved their short game considerably.

With strong results like these happening over and over again, I attracted a

loyal following among golfers in my area.

“One day,” I thought, “I’m going to bring this system to golfers around the


And “that day” is now.

So let me introduce ...

The BTS MATCHING SYSTEM ... Matching Your Body Type to a Specific

Swing ... For Accuracy, Consistency, and Power ...

BTS stands for “Body Type Specific.” BTS Golf is a swing improvement

system I created to help golfers dramatically improve ... QUICKLY.

The concept is simple. My system assesses your body type and I give you a

personalized swing development program.

I have successfully used BTS Golf with hundreds of students at my school.

Now you can access BTS Golf from anywhere in the world. And I’ll show you

how in a minute.

But first, let me show you how BTS Golf works. Click the ‘play’ button below

right now.


You receive your own specific program ... based on your body type.

You receive 7 modules with 3 to 4 practice drills in each module. You also

receive 8 “tool boxes” that address specific swing issues you may be

experiencing ... again ... based on your body type.

To let BTS help your game, simply take these steps.

1. Sign up for the BTS MATCHING SYSTEM. I’ll show you how in a minute.

2. Take a couple of photos of your body and send these to us.

3. Our computerized system will scan the photos and determine your body


4. The BTS Matching System will create a swing improvement program

detailing what you should focus on when you play and practice ... all

based on a precise analysis of your body type.

Here’s Where Things Get Super-Cool

The BTS Matching System gives you specific swing advice based on your

body type. But it also provides you with instructional videos I created to teach you

the model swing that will give you the power, control, and consistency you know

you can achieve.

Here’s a sample video. Click the play button now.


The Power of “The Mat”

The BTS Matching System also gives you a durable practice mat. The

patented BTS mat serves as a visual aid so you can accurately follow the

instructions from the videos and perform the swing movements with consistency.

Watch the short video below to see “The Mat” in action.


Once you have everything from the BTS MATCHING SYSTEM ... you’re ready to

make changes to your swing based on your body type.

27 Reasons to Add The BTS Matching System to Your Golfing Arsenal

1. Fully customized instruction based on your body type.

2. Epic distance with every club in your bag.

3. Solid ball-striking ... over and over. Solid contact with every club in

your bag for power and accuracy.

4. Practice with a purpose ... thanks to the specific instruction, you

can practice less but get faster results.

5. CLARITY instead of confusion.

6. Accelerate your improvement ... because you now have a swing

blueprint that matches your body type ... fully customized for you and

your game.

7. For every golfer ... BTS works for every golfer ... from beginner to

tour player.

8. FINALLY ... move forward with your game instead of not improving.

9. A proven method that will work for you ... simply follow the

instructions in the BTS Matching System.

10. No more “look away awful shots” ... and finally end whatever golf

issue is ailing you.

11. Indoors and out ... use the system on the range ... or in the home or

at the office.

12. Fast fixes for major swing problems ... so you can fix “bleeding

neck” problems on the golf course.

13. Tap into your natural sources of power ... so you maximize your


14. Boost your confidence because you have a new game plan for


15. Keep the improvement going thanks to the program you receive

from the BTS Matching System.

16. Fix your most recurring swing fault – whatever it may be.

17. Say goodbye to slicing and weak fades ... if you’ve been

struggling with these shots.

18. Join the ranks of the “elite” ball strikers who make hitting the ball

look automatic and super-easy

19. Massive improvement ... thanks to a clear plan for dealing with

common problems like topping, lack of distance, pulls, pushes, poor

contact, hooks, and slices.

20. Gain immediate distance WITHOUT changing your physical


21. Gain immediate distance WITHOUT buying a new driver.

22. Gain immediate distance WITHOUT swinging faster.

23. A totally new approach to practice so you gain a better return on

your “practice investment” and valuable practice time.

24. Learn to use your new swing on the golf course so you can finally

lower your scores. Take your new game to the golf course.

25. Save money ... you don’t need to spend $600 on a new driver.

26. Reduce the risk of injury ... by using a swing that puts less stress

on your body and is more efficient.

27. A super-low introductory price. Click here now to see the low price.

Here’s What Real Golfers Have Said About The BTS Matching System


“Having been asked to test the BTS Matching System for two weeks, I was

so impressed with the immediate results that I could not wait to get my own


system to see how much more it would improve my game.” Jonathan Belisle,

Gatineau, QC.


“Using the BTS Matching System has made golf easier to learn and to play. I

love the idea of using my BTS mat at the range or at home.” - Lise Brochu


“The BTS Matching System has finally given me the answer I had been

searching for all these years, my scores have gone down and I hit the ball better

and more consistently than ever.” Richard Gosselin, Ottawa, Ontario.


“I have studied the golf swing for many years without much success until the

BTS Matching System gave me the answer. Finally I have a swing that is

designed specifically for me. Thank you BTS Golf !” Dr. Lee Mayer, Mayo Clinic,

Eau Claire, Wisconsin.


“I was struggling with my irons and used one of the tools boxes in the BTS

Matching System, within a couple days my irons were crisp and accurate so

much so that I ended up qualifying for the 2017 Senior US Open the same week.”

John Kelly, Ottawa, Ontario.


“As the childhood coach and instructor for Brittany and Brooke Henderson, I

have always valued Mike’s teaching advice whenever I needed it. Now I am very

excited about working with Mike’s BTS System and introducing it to my students.”

Paulin Vaillancourt, CPGA Professional, Smiths Falls, Ontario.


“Since I began using the BTS Matching System, my own game has improved

tremendously with increased distance and more consistent accuracy plus the

BTS Matching System has also brought in a whole new dimension to my

teaching program – my students can actually feel the message I’m trying to

convey when they’re using the BTS Matching System and the results have been

spectacular!” Dave Kalil, CPGA Teaching Professional, Ottawa Hunt Club,

Ottawa, Ontario.

Here’s More Feedback We’ve Received from Golfers Who Have Tested

the BTS Matching System ...

• Found videos clear and easy to understand.

• Each practice session was approximately 30 to 35 minutes ... a good time


• Every golfer saw results from the first few drills.

• Interest level went up from start of the test phase to the end of it.

• All were eager to get to the next level of their game.

• Swing became more natural and more repetitive.

• Found that the mat gave them a “sense of space” around the swing.

• Loved that they could practice at home, the office, or the range.

• Exceptional value.

Here’s What You Receive with the BTS Matching System

When you invest in the BTS MATCHING SYSTEM, here’s what you receive.

1. An accurate computerized body type determination.

2. A completely personalized swing development program chosen from our

proven BTS program.

3. A series of instructional videos that will help you build the most efficient

golf swing you can make ... based on your body type.

4. A set of 8 tool boxes designed to help you fix any swing issue you may


5. The accompanying literature that explain the drills and exercises.

6. An easy-to-follow practice program that yields sustained improvement.

7. The patented BTS practice mat along with the BTS puck and peg system.

8. The BTS nylon carry bag to take your BTS system to the range or to the


9. The online support system from our team of experts.

10. Access to certified BTS professionals who can offer personal training

sessions upon request.


One of the Greatest Values in Golf ... Plus a Special Low Introductory Price


The usual price for the BTS MATCHING SYSTEM is $399. But ... for a

limited time, you can get the BTS Matching System for just $349.

An exceptional value when you consider ...

• The BTS Matching System is less than the price of a new driver and

way less than the price of a new set of irons.

• Depending on where you live, it’s about the price of just 3-4 lessons with

a golf professional.

Now ... you could always visit me personally to get set up for the BTS

Matching System. But consider this ... the price for the BTS Matching System

is the same here ... plus you’d have to travel to my golf instruction facility in


So ... by getting the BTS Matching System online here, you’re getting all

the benefits without having to travel to see me.

And here’s the most important part ... and you can’t really put a price

on this. The BTS Matching System is a breakthrough in golf instruction.

“I have been in golf for over 60 years and I have never heard anyone talk

about this body type specific instruction before. But after listening to Michel’s

presentation, I now realize we have been doing it wrong all these years.”

Betsy Rawls – LPGA Legend and winner of 10 major Championships and 53

Tour events

The BTS System will help you gain ...

• Power

• Consistency

• Accuracy

• More fun and better results on the golf course

All based on building YOUR swing around your body type. I’ve seen the

results first-hand with hundreds of my students ... but have kept my formula

secret until now. My students have been getting great results, shooting lower

scores, and they’ve been having a lot more fun on the golf course.


And, of course, The BTS Matching System is protected by...

A 30-Day “No Questions Asked” Guarantee

The BTS Matching System must clarify your golf thinking and give you a

new foundation for distance and accuracy ... all based on a swing created

around your body type.

If you’re not happy for any reason, or no reason, simply return the product

within 30 days of purchase and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund. No

questions asked.

That’s right ... the BTS Matching System must help you transform your

game or you get your money back.

Are You Going to Make the Right Decision For Your Game?

If you’re “sitting still” with your game but really want to improve, you now

have a simple decision to make.

You can keep going with your current methods ... the ones that aren’t

working all that well ...

OR ...

You can try, risk-free, the BTS Matching System ... with this system, you can


• End all your golf confusion.

• Know you’re working on the right techniques.

• Make the most of your valuable practice time.

• Hit the ball further with your driver ... by making a few simple changes

based on your body type.

FINALLY fix the problems that might be holding you back.

I know you’ll make the right choice for your game.

Click Here to Get a Special Low Price

To the best golf of your life ...

Michel Dagenais

Golf Teaching Professional

P.S. Remember ... it’s all about CLARITY and SIMPLICITY ... and I have

spent my entire golf career with one goal ... make this difficult game a TON

easier for every golfer. The BTS Matching System will give you that simplicity

and clarity through a new swing and new blueprint going forward ... all based on

your body type.

Click here now or hit the big button below to add the BTS Matching System

to your golfing arsenal.



Hello and I’m Michel Dagenais.

I’m a professional golf instructor. I’ve also been a long-drive champion and a

touring professional.

Years ago, I conducted an experiment which led to a full scientific study.

The result of the experiment and the study? My students rapidly improved ...

they gained consistency, accuracy, and power.

Now ... I know you’ve probably heard something like this before ... a golf

teaching system that promises ... consistency, accuracy, and power.

But what I discovered is very different from anything in the golf world. VERY

different. And it works ... as you’ll discover on this web page.

So ... if you’re serious about improving and shooting lower scores

consistently ... then take a few minutes to discover my secret by reading this web


You’ll discover something very new ... and it will make perfect sense when

you read about it.

So take a few minutes right now to read this page ... what you’re about to

discover has the power to transform your golf.


Hello and I’m Michel Dagenais.

I’m a professional golf instructor. I’ve also been a long drive champion and a

touring professional.

A few years ago, I discovered something game-changing. This totally

changed how I teach golf.

Golf instruction ... to be successful ... must be based on the body type of the


Let’s think of three of the greatest ball-strikers of all time ... Moe Norman,

Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods.

They all have very different swings. Why? Because they have different body


Each one of these players will do certain things naturally in the swing that the

other two simply cannot do without undue strain or effort.

The key is to realize that each body type has its own model swing.

This “secret system” works. I called it The BTS Matching System and now

you can access the system to help you play your best golf.

Here’s how it works.

Send us two photos so we can assess your body type.

We’ll customize instruction, through videos, specifically for you ... based on

your body type.

You’ll also receive a training mat that will help you see, feel, and make the

correct moves in your swing.

Once you have the BTS Matching System in your arsenal, you can improve

quickly and start to enjoy the best golf of your life.



Demonstration of the mat.

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