After winning the National Long Drive Championship in Canada in 1986 with club head speeds nearing 140 mph, Mike was approached by legendary ball striker Moe Norman who asked Mike if he could show him how to hit the ball far in exchange for Moe teaching Mike how to hit the ball straight.



It was from that moment that Mike and Moe entered into a life long friendship and long hours of practicing and playing together, discussing golf and golf swings from morning til night. It was Moe who actually planted the seed in Mike’s head that every golf swing should be different for different people. Moe’s unique swing, a swing that worked great for his body type was evidence of that. The thousands of hours spent with Moe led to Mike’s desire and passion to discover what swing works best for players of all body types, and it is this in-depth knowledge that Mike passes on to you with the BTS System.

OK im curious about the BTS System..tell me more
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