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Just like the pros, visualization of the movement is key to a good swing. Get it with the BTS System.

Want to swing like the best players in the world?
My system will teach you the positions and movements you need to achieve your highest possible goals.

Whether you want to practice at home doing visualization and muscle memory drills or go to the range hitting balls, my system will give you the results you always wanted.

I have designed a series of drills using the BTS Training mat as your guide that will have you swing just like the pros do. This will be the easiest practice you will ever have and have the best results in the least amount of time or I will give you your money back.
So if you are looking for:
- Power

Give this a try, you will be amazed how quickly you improve your ball striking.

Let me give you an the top of the swing, the lead shoulder should be over number 5, the hands should be over number 8 when hitting irons...This is what all the pros do.
In the downswing, the hands follow the path of 6,5,4...this is what all the pros do...
with the BTS Training Mat you can learn to do the same, easily and efficiently to optimize your ball striking.

With my system you will learn to hit the right positions every time and this is the key to a consistent and powerful swing.
You will develop the proper swing and release patterns that will give you high ball flight, low ball flight, left to right, right to left...From now on you will be in control of your golf more hit and hope attitude over the ball.
When you know what you are doing the game becomes easy and simple. Just follow my simple drills for a few minutes each day to get great results.


Golf training at the driving range or from home. Our training mat and accessories are the perfect visual aids that work seamlessly with our training videos to quickly take your golf game to the next level.

Easy access to your videos on your cell phone or tablet so you can teach yourself the golf swing at home, the office or on the driving range

The BTS System works for right handed players and left handed players of any level, from beginner to pro


Developed by a PGA Professional and Golf Instructor with over 35 years of teaching experience, the BTS System will allow you to learn faster and get immediate results


After years of teaching experience, having worked with tens of thousands of golfers of all levels, BTS Founder and PGA Professional Mike Dagenais has developed a system that allows you to teach yourself the golf swing using the same techniques and methods that made him such a successful teacher and player.

Whether you are trying to learn a new swing or simply trying to improve on your existing swing, the BTS System has the videos and instruction you need to make changes quickly and efficiently.

This easy to use System will give you the results you always wanted so you can finally play the best golf of your life.

PLUS, our team of experts are always on hand to give you advice and help you should you have technical questions about your golf swing.

BTS Founder, National Long Drive Champion and 3-time Teacher of the year offers you a tool that will change your golf game forever

Practice better play better

Golf is all about consistency. Follow the easy to use videos and see you golf frustrations go away. If you are  tired of searching for answers from all those "Youtube basement experts", start working with a proven system based on nearly 40 years of instructional success.

The BTS System comes with a series of videos that you can watch on your ipad or tablet or cell phone.


Practice doesn't make perfect, it only makes permanent. Imagine if your practice was more consistent and more accurate...

The "feeling" in the golf swing changes constantly, but the visual positions and ground references don't change. Because of this, the BTS System allows you to always resort back to the numbers on the BTS Mat that work for you so you never "lose" your swing.

By practicing at home and on the range, you will develop "muscle memory" which will make it easier for you to take your improved swing to the golf course.

Success Stories & Testimonials

Golfers of all ages & skill levels have seen amazing results with our revolutionary BTS golf mat and complete training system. Here is just a sample of what our users are saying about BTS:

Jay Gregory – Amateur Golfer Tampa, Florida

“The first week I started using the BTS System, I was able to fix a swing problem. The next week, I won my first AM Tour event.”

Tony “the doctor”

Orlando, Florida

” I always had a hard time with my certain clubs in my bag. Since I started the BTS system I am now playing the best golf of my life.”

John Kelly - Pro Golfer

Ottawa, Canada

“I started working with the BTS System and two weeks later I qualified for the US Senior Open for the first time in my life. Thanks BTS!"  

More BTS Golf Success Stories:

Dr. Pierre, Age 60

Typical score in 2018 before using BTS: 95 -105

June 2019 – first 9 holes of the season – score 38 for 9 holes…Pierre had never broken 90 before.


Dr. Lee, Age 67

Typical score 81-85

March 2019 – Florida Villages – score 72 for 18 holes…Lee had never shot even par before.

Jean, Age 63 - Beginner Golfer 

June 2019 – best score to date 42 for 9 holes…Jean had never broken 50 for 9 holes

Christine, Age 62 - 1st year player

Started BTS Spring 2019 at home in garage

June 2019 – best score to date 87 for 18 holes

Beginner golfer Carla from Wisconsin has been on the BTS System for just 2 weeks. Shot 48 for nine holes.

Husband Jim also on BTS for 2 weeks made 10 pars and a birdie on the difficult 15th at Bay Hill.

Incredible results in such a short time!

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Open the flood gates to your potential!

Stop wasting time with confusing and unnecessary information that yields little to no results.


Try the revolutionary BTS complete training program TODAY !!